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The Free Lesson!

There is only one way for you to begin to decide if Iím the right teacher for you, or even if you really want lessons, and thatís to have a lesson. Thatís why I offer a free first lesson. It doesnít matter if you just got the bass as a birthday present and itís the first time youíve ever tried to play an instrument, or if youíve been hacking away at it for years.

Weíll meet, weíll talk about the bass, Iíll be able to get an idea of where you are and what work needs to be done and weíll be able to start on firm footing. Or, you can try me and try other teachers before you decide.

The thing to know is that the free lesson is just that: completely free without any obligation. No money up front. No deposit. You just have to show up on time.

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