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About Me


A Little Bio, Please

Iím a San Francisco native, been here my whole life. Why desert paradise? I started performing somewhere around fourth grade, acting and singing all the way through college. In my fourth year at SF State I started to absolutely fall in love with the sound of the electric bass. After six months of experimentation on the instrument, I realized (take note!) that I needed professional instruction and I found a music school that subscribed to the then radical notion that American popular music could and should be taught using a different model than typical classical music education. That school, The Blue Bear School of American Music, is still in operation.

Almost from the get-go I was thrust into different little workshop bands and at the same time I was learning the rudiments of music theory and getting private instruction on the bass I was playing with different people and exploring different genres and idioms.

Within two years I was starting to teach beginners and of course joining what was to be a long succession of bands. While Iíve played in my share of cover bands, most of the long-term projects Iíve been involved with have been original.

Iím really an outgrowth of the San Francisco sound of the Sixties and beyond, but Iíve done a bit of just about everything. One of my first groups was a straight blues outfit backing Polydor recording artist Johnny Mars. But thereís been folk, show bands, Top 40, Eighties New Wave, psychedelic, jam band, R&B, funk, straight-ahead rock, Brit-pop, various forms of American roots music to you name it.

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